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2017 Tradeshow and Symposium


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President's Message



As we start a new year I thought I would send a quick message out to update everyone on what is happening at WCWWA.  We had a very successful year in 2016 and are excited to get rolling on 2017. 

This year we are starting out with training in Lake County.  As many are aware, Lake County has been devastated over the past couple of years with wildland fires.  This has resulted in a tremendous local effort to help prepare us for the next disaster.  To assist with this preparation we will have our first training on emergency preparedness coming up on February 9th.  Mark your calendars and watch for the official flyer coming out next week.   I highly recommend this training for all agencies as you can never be over prepared.

We are also planning on a full day event in Napa coming up in May.  We would love to hear from operators in Napa County to hear what kind of training might be desired.  You can e-mail us at winecountrywwa@yahoo.com

On another note, I wanted to make our members aware that membership fees have increased for 2017.  The fee has been raised from $25 to $30 for annual membership.  This small increase is necessary to operate effectively with increasing costs.  WCWWA remains a great value and we appreciate your continued support. 



Congratulations to Our 
2015 Scholarship Recipients!

Johanna Peelen



Julia Almind

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